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2 years ago

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It all started 5 years ago when I was in my 30 years of age, a friend called to see pornvisit if I was interested in converting a garage into a bedroom and a kitchen for a lady who for the moment before him, as he had worked on was very busy. I agreed and said he would go straight down and its price. When I arrived, I was from a lady greeted pornvisit forties framework handsome and very nice, we agreed on a price and told him to return in two weeks to start work. If the start date I received from Mrs. (Anne) was well received and asked me if I want a copper before starting work, so I went to the kitchen and had our copper and a nice chat pornvisit chit to break the ice to break pornvisit ( as I sometimes said I talk too much ) of any kind, as I said, I'm sick of it and talk to them later. All day I have pornvisit never stopped, and always came with coffee every few hours and talk to me said there were two adult children and a child of about 2, but after the birth of the pornvisit father does not want, so you pornvisit had. Then proceeded to tellto her about me and my family, etc. and then I went home and told me to return the next day at 8. The next day I had the same routine as promised, and waited, copper and some talk before starting work. So that lasted for weeks and told me that began to open about everything I wanted to know, so I took a man talk about sex openly talked about how one of the guys that much thought. Now a couple of mornings I would support a very hard before you start working in our conversations (if they had realized I do not know ), but when she went out shopping, or anything that would be directly to your bathroom a knock- out. another arrived Monday and that day she told me it was the weekend and brought one back 18 years to have a drink, so I asked if it had happened, and she smiled at me claiming to come - say, so I went onto say that they kiss by the end of the sofa and fell to grope his cock so pornvisit that she met ad began to masturbate, before entering the mouth, until now, I was hard and new, as I had put a pillow over my pants to hide the shame, so I asked he had swallowed, which in fact replied that he had more or less immediately, he said he did it all for you, just told me to lick her pussy for a short time before tightening and go, so I turned around and said, is that the problem had to do with the boys, pornvisit had to leave me when I lick her pussy, which I laughed, loved, that I said before, I have to make a start, so he left. Two minutes later I heard the door open and heard at the door, in which he spoke, my nipples are hard you want to feel, Whish I could anyone seen my face because they only ever about this in old party has read pornvisit the books and always thought it was a fantasy, but it was really happening to me. Well, I dropped my tools and went to her at the door and started kissing wi languages ​​in the neck, so he took my hand in their tops feel nice hard nipples before lifting his head and turn each one into his mouth. So it was good for a few minutes before he took charge of a unit and placed on the Elimination of pants and panties and pussy slowly licked my socks trimmed every bit, had no time before he came, and I made sure that every part of me before I had returned to take his son, I can say it was the start of something good when I go to a couple of weeks long been prepared, but I will say about this later if you want

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